silver shark

Legendary electronics.
State-of-the-art recording technology.
Outstanding facilities. 

Located just minutes from Tooting Bec Underground Station, Silver Shark Studios offer a truly unique recording experience.

With a combination of rare and vintage electronics, superb recording facilities, and our passion for capturing and creating beautiful audio, we can help you craft the sound you are looking for.



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The Studio


At the heart of the studio is a 24 channel SSL console, complimented with a host of rare and classic outbound gear and electronics.  The studio also features an enviable collection of vintage synths from Roland, Moog and Korg.

Live Area

The spacious live area has plenty of natural light and can comfortably accommodate a five-piece band. It features a main live room, additional drum room, and amp room providing optimal separation and allowing musicians record their parts simultaneously.  


Main Room

17ft x 14ft. room with large windows either side providing plenty natural daylight. The room has a dead acoustic feel allowing for live recording with minimal leakage between instruments. There is a large window through to the control room and sliding glass door through to the drum room.  

Live room features a collection of guitars, instruments, and amplifiers.

Drum Room.jpg

Drum room

13ft. x 12ft. room with large window allowing natural light to stream in. The ceramic tiled floor, hard plastered walls and ceiling give a bright, lively acoustic. Alternatively the room can be hung with acoustic curtains to tailor ambience. The patio doors give clear views to the main room.


Iso booth

Small booth suitable for guitar or bass amps which assists with separation from amps in main live room.


The studio itself is part of a larger studio complex which hosts a further five smaller studios occupied by producers, engineers,
a mastering house, and a pro audio retailer offering clients a one stop shop for all their needs.

There is a large lounge and kitchen area and - uniquely for a central London studio - a private garden providing plenty of space to relax and unwind.



With a range of vintage classics, rare originals, and current favourites, the creative possibilities are endless.


  • SSL 24 Channel G Series


  • Avid Pro Tools Ultimate HD
    64 Inputs x 64 Outputs

  • Antelope Orion 32HD

  • Ferrofish A32

  • UAD Quad cards (x2)


  • Avid Pro Tools Ultimate HD

  • Apple Logic Pro X

  • Studio One v4

  • Ableton Live

  • Plugins from Avid, Native Instruments,
    Waves, UAD, Soundtoys, Arturia,
    GForce and many more


  • Quested 4 x 10 Wall mounted monitors
    powered by Hafler Amp

  • Neuman KH310 Active Monitors

  • Yamaha NS10 Passive Monitors

  • KRK Sub Woofer  


  • SSL 611G x 24

  • Thermionic Culture Rooster Stereo Mic

  • Chandler Germanium Mic Pre

  • Phoenix DRS 1R Mic Pre (x2)

  • Grace Design M501 Mic Pre (x2)

  • Summit Audio Everest Channel Strip

  • Phoenix DRS Eq (x2)

  • Thermionic Culture Swift Stereo Eq

  • Chandler Tone Control Eq (x2)

  • Maag EQ4M Stereo Mastering EQ


  • TubeTech CL1B Compressor

  • Summit Audio Everest Channel Strip

  • Universal Audio 1176N (x2)

  • Universal Audio LA2A

  • Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor (x2)

  • Summit Audio TLA100 (x2)

  • Chandler Limited TG1 Abbey Road Special Edition Limiter

  • Waves L2 Ultramaximizer

  • TK Audio BC501

  • IGS Audio LA One (x2)

  • Purple Audio Action


  • EMT 140 Plate Reverb

  • Radial Engineering Space Heater (x2)

  • Thermionic Culture Little Red Bustard Summing Mixer

  • Roger Mayer 456 Stereo Tape Simulator

  • Sound Skulptor Stereo Tape Simulator (x2)

  • Great British Spring Reverb

  • Elysia Karacter 500

  • Radial Tank Driver with two spring tanks

  • Radial Phase Q

  • AMS Neve DMX15-80s

  • Eventide H3000B Ultra Harmonizer

  • Lexicon 224XL Reverb

  • Lexicon PCM80 (x2)

  • Roland SDE330 (x2)

  • TC Electronic Fireworx

  • Line 6 Echo Pro

  • Line 6 Mod Pro

  • Line 6 Filter Pro

  • Roland SRE555 Chorus Echo

  • Roland RE201 Space Echo

  • Elektron Analog Heat

  • Eventide Space Reverb

  • Audio Kitchen The Big Trees

  • Various FX Pedals


  • AKG C 414 B-ULS TL100 (x2)

  • AKG D 112  

  • Coles 4038 (x2)

  • Electrovoice RE 20

  • Neumann U 47 FET

  • Neumann KM 184 (x2)

  • Neumann U 87 Ai (x2)

  • Realistic PZM (x4)

  • Royer R-121 Ribbon (x2)

  • Sennheiser MD 421 MK2 (x4)

  • Sennheiser MD 441

  • Shure SM57 (x4)

  • Shure SM58 (x4)

  • Shure SM7B

  • Charter Oak SA538 (x2)

  • Lauten Audio LA120 (x2)

  • Yamaha Sub Kick

  • Warm Audio WA47

  • Placid Audio Copperphone Mic

  • SE Electronics SE3

  • Sontronics DM1T (x2)

  • Sontronics STC1


  • Roland Jupiter 8 (with MIDI)

  • MiniMoog Model D (with MIDI)

  • Roland Juno 106 with Kiwitechnics upgrade

  • Korg Polysix (with MIDI)

  • Korg MS20

  • Korg MS10

  • Korg MS20 Blackboard

  • Sequential Circuits SixTrak

  • Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2

  • Modal 002

  • Dreadbox Murmax

  • Korg Arp Odyssey

  • Korg Monopoly (with MIDI)

  • Arturia Matrixbrute

  • Sequential Prophet 6 desktop

  • DSI/Oberheim OB6 desktop

  • Roland SH01a

  • Roland VP03

  • Access Virus TI

  • Korg M1R

  • Roland V Synth XT

  • Kawai K1r

  • Yamaha TX81z

  • Waldorf KB37

  • Roland System 100m Modular system with 10 modules

  • TTSH2600

  • Roland System 1m

  • Buchla Model 208

  • Moog Mother 32

  • Moog DFAM

  • Roland TR08

  • Roland TR09

  • Roland TB03

  • Make Noise 0 Coast

  • Various Eurorack modules by Mutable Instruments, Intellijel, XAOC Devices, Doepfer and Roland

  • Rhodes Mark 1 Eighty Eight

  • Native Instruments Komplete 49

  • Seaboard Rise 25

  • Arturia Beatstep Pro

  • Upright Piano 


  • Fender Stratocaster

  • Fender Jazz Bass

  • Taylor GS Mini Acoutic

  • Epiphone ES 339 Guitar

  • Banjo  


  • Orange Crush 100BXT Bass Amp

  • Fender Deluxe

  • Marshall JCM900 Amp

  • Marshall 4 x 10 Cabinet


  • Vintage 60s Ludwig Kit

  • Hayman 60s Kit

  • Selection of Ludwig Snares

  • Vintage World Max Classic Snare

  • Selection of Zildjian Cymbals


A Few of our Clients…

Chrissie Hynde
Steve Dub (Moby / Orbital / Chemical Brothers)
The Klaxons
Gorgeous George
Edwyn Collins
Nick Lowe

The Pictish Trail
Kid Canaveral
Klara Kjellen
Hazel O’Connor
London Afrobeat Collective
The Craven Braves
Williem Vincent
Reveal The Beast

…and what they said

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Call Grant on 020 8682 3247 or fill out the form and we will be in touch very shortly. 


The studio is based in Tooting, just a couple minutes walk from Tooting Bec underground station served by the Northern Line.

With plenty of lively bars, shops and popular restaurants in the area, we are in an ideal location for your next recording or mixing session.